Alzheimer's and Dementia Research Webinars

Join the Alzheimer’s Association and ISTAART for a series of webinars that share the latest advances in Alzheimer's and dementia research, as well as strategies for career development.

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Neuroimaging PIA: Statistical analysis methods for neuroimaging

June 30, 2022 (10:30am CT)
Approaches to two statistical issues that arise in neuroimaging studies will be discussed: statistical inference for voxel/vertex-wise analysis, and data harmonization techniques to account for different scanning equipment in multisite studies.
PIA - Neuroimaging

ISTAART Guide to AAIC... Poster Presentations

June 28, 2022 (10:00 AM CT)
Join us for a free webinar featuring a step-by-step guide to poster presentations; an overview of logistics; and expert insight from SPC member Agustin Ibanez.

Diversity and Disparities PIA: Inclusion of LGBTQIA+ people in Alzheimer’s Disease and Aging Research

June 8, 2022
This webinar provides an overview of current research and efforts to understand risk of ADRD and related concerns among LGBTQIA+ adults, describe best practices for data collection and research engagement, and implications for LGBTQIA+ aging research.
PIA - Diversity and Disparities

Intersectionality in Vascular contributions to cognitive impairment and dementia (VCID). A cross-PIA webinar on sex, race and ethnicity differences in VCID - Part 1

June 7, 2022
This webinar addresses intersectionality in vascular contributions to cognitive impairment and dementia (VCID) and discusses potential underlying mechanisms for brain health disparities by sex or gender, race, ethnicity and nationality.
PIA - Sex and Gender Differences in AD PIA - Vascular Cognitive Disorders PIA - Diversity and Disparities PIA - PIA to Elevate Early Career Researchers

Nutrition, Metabolism and Dementia PIA: Understanding the mechanistic link between type-2 diabetes and Alzheimer's disease

June 1, 2022
This webinar discusses novel approaches in preclinical models to understand why individuals with type-2-diabetes have a 2-4 fold increase risk for developing AD and identify new therapeutic mechanisms that target brain metabolism.
PIA - Nutrition,Metabolism and Dementia

Down Syndrome and Alzheimer's Disease & Technology and Dementia PIAs: Technology and dementia in Down syndrome: maximizing collaborations between PIAs

May 31, 2022
We feature four scientists with expertise in Down syndrome, technology and dementia. Webinar focuses on how technological strategies can promote meaningful assessment and timely diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease in individuals with Downs syndrome.
PIA - Down Syndrome and Alzheimer's Disease PIA - Technology and Dementia

ISTAART Journal Club: Meet the Author

May 25, 2022
Mareike Ludwig leads a conversation with Anne S Berry and then Tia Lamore leads conversation with Winston Thomas Chu and David E. Vaillancourt
ISTAART Journal Club: Meet the Author PIA - Neuromodulatory Subcortical Systems

Technology and Dementia & Health Policy PIA's - Technology and Policy: A Panel Discussion on How Policy Impacts Our Work and How Our Work Can Impact Policy

May 24, 2022
This webinar helps technology researchers, policymakers and industry stakeholders describe how their work can impact policy. Panelists present their experiences at the intersection of research and policy and engage in a Q&A.
PIA - Health Policy PIA - Technology and Dementia

Clinical Trials Advancement and Methods & Diversity and Disparities PIAs: Increasing sustained diversity in Alzheimer's disease and related dementia clinical trials.

May 23, 2022
There is a need for AD clinical trials to improve recruitment, enrollment, and retention of diverse populations to ensure potential treatments are safe, effective, accessible, and equitable. Globalization of AD clinical trials is also discussed.
PIA - Diversity and Disparities PIA - Clinical Trials Advancement and Methods

Neuroimaging PIA: Getting started with connectomics analysis

May 12, 2022
This webinar is a primer on how to setup, generate, review and interpret structural and functional connectivity analyses. Speakers go over best practices and what pitfalls to watch out for with their work.
PIA - Neuroimaging