Alzheimer's and Dementia Research Webinars

Join the Alzheimer’s Association and ISTAART for a series of webinars that share the latest advances in Alzheimer's and dementia research, as well as strategies for career development.

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Neuromodulatory Subcortical Systems PIA: Updates in Orexinergic, Cholinergic and Noradrenergic systems in AD and related conditions

January 25, 2021
This webinar brings the latest developments on the Neuromodulatory Subcortical Systems in AD
PIA - Neuromodulatory Subcortical Systems

Diversity and Disparities PIA

January 21, 2021
The webinar presents the Diversity and Disparities Professional Interest Area’s 2020 accomplishments and the coming year’s agenda from a variety of special interest groups.
PIA - Diversity and Disparities

Technology and Dementia PIA: Year in Review

January 20, 2021
This webinar reflects on key technology and dementia studies and their findings from 2020.
PIA - Technology and Dementia ISTAART Year in Review

DaDA PIA: Cascading Epigenomic Analysis for GWAS

January 20, 2021
This event presents a new multi-omic integration method, CEWAS, that models the cascading effects of SNPs from epigenome to transcriptome and eventually to the phenome for identifying disease genes from GWA.
PIA - Design and Data Analytics

Clinical Trials Advancement and Methods PIA: Year in Review

January 14, 2021
This program provides international perspectives on the ways the COVID-19 pandemic has changed clinical trials in dementia and considers the ways forward in the field for trials in 2021 and beyond.
ISTAART Year in Review PIA - Clinical Trials Advancement and Methods

Electrophysiology PIA: Neurophysiological signals as translational biomarkers for dementia

January 14, 2021
The webinar gives an overview of various in vivo neurophysiological measurements in transgenic rodent models of Alzheimer’s disease and fronto-temporal dementia.
PIA - Electrophysiology

Tips, Tricks and Insights for How to Review Research Grants

January 13, 2021
This webinar provides an overview of the Alzheimer's Association grant application peer-review process and highlights some of the specific review criteria and important considerations for several of our regularly offered programs.

Cognitive Screening and Testing in a Biomarker Era

Discussion about blood-based biomarker tests and new therapies for Alzheimer’s disease.
Non-CME physicians clinicians PIA - Cognition

Biofluid Based Biomarkers PIA: Year in Review

January 11, 2021
The webinar discusses key findings in the fluid biomarker research space during 2020.
PIA - Biofluid Based Biomarkers ISTAART Year in Review

ISTAART Journal Club: Meet the Author

January 7, 2021
Nadia Dehghani leads a conversation with Nabil F. Darwich, Edward B. Lee, and Jessica Phan and then Ashley Bolte leads a conversation with David Gate.
ISTAART Journal Club: Meet the Author